How to Decorate your Home in a Professional yet Clever Way

Whether you have just moved your home or are looking for a little home pick-me-up or something more prominent, there is no dearth of smart home interior design tips and tricks that you can apply to your home. In fact, many of the interior professionals depend on such tips and tricks to ensure optimal satisfaction to their clients. The tips won’t cost you huge money or effort. Just a little bit of smartness is enough to employ the tips in order to transform your home like it was never before. Even the smallest things like adding a mirror, a plant, a painting or a lamp in the properly chosen place can do the wonder. A little change in the colour themes can also have great impact on the look and feel of your home. And here are a few professional yet clever interior design tips that you can apply to décor your home in the nicest way possible.

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Clever Interior Design Tips by Top Interior in Kolkata

  • Liven up mundane space with wallpaper – Use colourful wallpaper to make your mundane spaces liven up. Mundane spaces like panties, hallways and powder rooms can create moments of funkiness and joy. These are the transition areas where people love spending time in.


  • Use wicker to add individuality – Wicker is something that can be used for its versatility and texture. Wicker baskets are quite good for storage.


  • Buy some antiques – Great artworks and spectacular antique pieces only get better and more attractive with age. It is a better idea to invest in such pieces that you can hold forever for enhancing the look of your home.


  • Make use of ceiling – Well, ceilings can do a lot to the appearance of a room. These are the things that define the beauty and line of the room. According to a reputed interior decorator in Kolkata, it can rather redefine your room. You can use false ceiling of your choice to give the room an individual identity.


  • Invest in right bulbs and new switches – Selecting the right lighting fittings and bulbs are very crucial. LED bulbs are not only great-looking, but energy efficient as well. Why don’t you upgrade the light switches? Elegant light switches can really add a stunning element to your old rooms while characterising to a new one.


  • Paint the home out – Paint can really make the difference. You should never underestimate the value of proper paint. Also it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to ensure a new look for your home. A fresh coat of vibrant colour can make your old furniture or blank white canvas look like new and special.


  • Keep the kitchen white – As you know, old is gold. Classics won’t go out of trend. Though it needs a bit more care and maintenance to keep the whiteness of the kitchen intact, it is worth. Painting the kitchen thoroughly white and choosing white kitchen cabinets won’t allow you to feel tired ever.


  • Dark is also needed – Many homeowners don’t want to use any dark tone for their home. But this is not a good idea. Using dark shades like Benjamin blue on the accent walls can make the entire space come to life.

These are a few of many professional yet clever tips to decorate your home exactly the way you want it to be.